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Archery for Beginners

Archery for Beginners

Beginner Courses

Many clubs throughout Ireland offer beginner courses for you to try out archery in a safe and educational environment. If you would like to try out archery as a sport please look at our events page, which will detail the clubs that are offering beginner courses in the coming months. Beginner courses are a great way to learn how to shoot safely and correctly without having to buy a large amount of expensive equipment.

Beginner courses are a mandatory requirement for new archers, to allow them to join any of the affiliated clubs. If there are no clubs advertising beginners courses in your area, then please feel free to contact the clubs directly, contact details can be found on club finder page.

Archery for beginners - Beginner archery courses - Archery Ireland

Some clubs offer regularly scheduled beginner courses with fixed start times throughout the year. Others will wait until they have sufficient numbers to start the course, often taking your contact details and returning to you when there are enough people signed up.

If you are interested in attending any of the courses listed on our events page, please contact the club that is offering the course to register your interest and to get any additional information that you may need. If a club in your area is not listed as offering beginner courses please get in contact with them directly and see if they will be starting a beginners course in the near future.