Getting Started

So you have an interest in archery and would like to find out more.

We would recommend that your first step would be to get in contact with one of the Archery Ireland registered clubs. The information on clubs in your area can be found by clicking the Clubs tab at the top of the page. The contact details for each club is displayed on each clubs individual page of this site.

In order to join a club, and by extension Archery Ireland, it is necessary that all potential newcomers undergo a 6 week beginner course.

Clubs regularly run these courses at various intervals throughout the year. These courses are usually run one night a week over 6 consecutive weeks.

The fee for such a course, payable in advance, is at the discretion of each club, but can vary between €50 to €100 depending on club overheads incurred in hall rental etc. The upcoming beginners courses will be advertised on the clubs page on this site. If this information is not available, it will then be advisable to contact the club directly.

As this is a voluntary organisation, all monies accrue to the club. Coaches freely give of their time. We do not recommend that you purchase any equipment prior to completion of the beginners course and then only under the advisement of the club coach.The clubs will provide all equipment necessary for the duration of the course. Upon completion of the course you should be invited to join the club and Archery Ireland. Archery is a great sport for all ages and abilities.