Types of Archery

Field Archery

Types of Archery

Introduction to Field Archery

Field Archery is a way of shooting with bow and arrow which in many ways can be compared with golf. When shooting competitive field archery you walk in groups of 4 around a marked course in wooded or open countryside. Along the course you will find numbered shooting positions from where to shoot at various sized target faces at distances from 5 to 60 metres. Course may be marked or unmarked which means that the distances are identified or not.

Field archery may be enjoyed on a competitive or hobby basis. If you enjoy competitions, you will find all types of tournaments and championships including Irish Open/Irish National Fields and 3D as well as club competitions. If you are in the game for fun, you can go for a walk at any of our clubs field/3D venues, with your friends and just relax. Either way you will discover a sport that is relaxing and friendly – simply great fun.

A field archer in a woodland area doing field archery

Field archery may be enjoyed on a competitive or hobby basis.

In WA Field and 3D competitions you have barebow, recurve, compound, traditional and longbow categories in both junior and adult classes, both for men and women. The difference between Field and 3D rounds are that the archers shoot at different target type, Field archery round is shot at target faces with 5 circular rings, 3D archery round is shot on look alike animal figures made of synthetic foam.

In the field archery, outdoor archery - Archery Ireland

Everybody who enjoys spending time outdoors will enjoy field archery, and it is challenging on it’s own as well as great practice for other types of archery since you will have to shoot uphill, downhill, sidehill and everything else you can think of – no target is like the previous, and no course is similar to another. You just cannot get bored with this sport, it’s too challenging and varied. If you are a travelling person you may find field courses to visit all over the world, from Northern Norway to Southern New Zealand.

Currently in Ireland only a few clubs host field competitions. We hope that this will increase in the coming years. The Irish Open Field Championships held in Enniskerry Co. Wicklow always draws an international crowd and is well established as one of the most challenging courses in Europe.