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Welcome to Archery Ireland – the pulsating heartbeat of archery excellence on the Emerald Isle. As the official national governing body for archery in Ireland, we are your gateway to everything archery-related.

Archery Ireland is more than just an organisation; we are a community united by a shared passion for the bow and arrow. Affiliated with the prestigious World Archery, we stand at the forefront of promoting and nurturing the sport, fostering a culture of inclusivity and skill development.

A team of archery olympians with archers from Archery Ireland

Archery Ireland

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – To foster healthy and positive experiences in the sport of Archery, by continuously developing and supporting our clubs and members in their respective archery journeys to their highest level of performance via an inclusive, collaborative and competitive community.

This commitment is reflected in the myriad of projects we have undertaken, aimed at promoting the sport, fostering unity among clubs, and creating a thriving archery landscape throughout the country.

At the core of Archery Ireland is a dedication to excellence. Whether you are a seasoned archer, a curious beginner, or someone simply intrigued by the sport, our organisation is here to guide you. We offer a wealth of resources and information to cater to every level of interest and expertise.

Explore our website to learn more about the history, values, and vision that propel Archery Ireland forward. Meet the passionate individuals who drive our initiatives, and discover how we are shaping the future of archery in Ireland.

Join us in celebrating the art and sport of archery – where precision meets passion, and every arrow tells a story. Archery Ireland is not just an organisation; it’s a community of archers, enthusiasts, and champions. Welcome to a world where the bowstring hums with the spirit of unity and the thrill of the bullseye is felt by all.