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Archery Ireland score submission system is now live

New online score submission is now open for scores entries.

The system is split into four different sections as follows:

  1. National record submission
  2. National team record submission
  3. National ranking submission
  4. International selection scores

The main menu for the system can be found at the following address:

score submission

All scores for any records/selection/ranking will need to be delivered via the new system. Email submissions will no longer be accepted.

There is also a new page to allow the ranking tables to be viewed and that can be visited as follows:

Ranking system query tool

The rules for the ranking system are as follows:

  • Rankings are based on average arrow values of all the valid scores accepted on to AI ranking system
  • That were entered for competitions that ran in the previous 68 weeks (prior to today).
  • Any scores that pre-date the 68 week window will not be counted.
    An archer will not be included in the rankings if they have less than 4 qualifying scores.
  • The scores counted are the ones that have been accepted onto the system by the Archery Ireland scores administration, and fit the inclusion date criteria.
  • There are separate Indoor and outdoor rankings
  • There are separate rankings for all genders and age categories
  • There are rankings for Target and Field (3D not currently supported)

please direct any questions to

User Manual for the system can be found here