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Field Archery training days

Archery Ireland is planning to host specific field archery training days in the coming months.


The training days are open to any member who wishes to attend and learn the fundamentals of field archery.


It is ideal for anybody who has not tried field archery before and also archers who have experienced field archery and would like to further improve their field archery skills.


It is a good introduction  for foundation levels coaches looking to expand their understanding of other archery styles, that they may not have access to in their normal weekly club sessions.


The first training session will be held on the 25th of November at the Harbour House Sport Club, near Athy, Co Kildare.
Harbour House Sports Club,
Co. Kildare.


Start Time: 10:00 for 10:30 start


Participants will simply need to register for the event in advance. (online entry from: )


Their are no entry costs for the training day.


Their are 60 spaces available for the first training day.


Please fill out the entry form, indicating  your bow type (Barebow, Compound or Recurve) and also your age group Master, Senior, Junior, Cadet or youth.


Please bring your archery equipment  on the day and some sight marks , if you have them from 5m to 50m.


If you do not have any current sight marks that is OK, we will be getting sight marks at the various intervals for the bow type and age category on the day as part of the training.


The first Training session will introduce archers to the following aspects of field archery.
  • Explain the target distances, target faces used and general rules of field archery.
  • Describe the marked and unmarked formats.
  • Develop an understanding and apply a practical approach to judging unmarked distances.
  • Demonstrate the application of “Field craft” to better estimate unmarked target distances.
  • Explain general considerations when shooting in different field archery environments such as the effects of bright or dark light conditions, shooting up and down hill or across a slope.
If there are any questions in advance please forward them to


The dates for the second and third training days are as follows.
27th January Venue detail TBC.
24 March Venue detail TBC.