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AI 2018 National competitions tender results

The following competitions in 2018 have now been awarded. The 3rd Series leg and the Irish national fields will be notified in the near future after all extra tenders have been looked at. (tenders now closed)
All Ireland series Leg 2 Ulster                                              City Of Belfast
All Ireland series Leg 3 Munster                                          Back to Tender to all clubs
All Ireland series Leg 4 Connaught/Leinster                     Wicklow Archers
Irish Open Field Championships                                          Wicklow Archers
Irish Open 3D Championships                                              Enniscorthy Archery Club
Irish Open Championships & Club Team Championships  Wicklow Archers
Irish Nationals 3D                                                                   Wicklow Archers
Irish Outdoor  Nationals                                                        Cavan Archers
Irish Nationals Field                                                               Back to Tender to all clubs 
Irish Indoor Open                                                                   Cork City Archery Club
All Ireland Fields                                                                    Enniscorthy Archery Club
the above details have also been updated on the AI calendar.