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Archery Ireland attends 51st World Archery Congress

Archery Ireland President and Secretary attended the 51st World Archery Congress in Copenhagen. The biennial meeting of the world archery federations helps map the future development of the sport on a global level.

The congress passed a number of administrative motions to support greater anti doping measures and change the Para athlete representatives role from administrative committee to the Athletes committee.

An Archery Ireland proposed motion to decouple the world congress from the World Championships failed to attract the required number of votes, however it garnered the support of the World Archery President and Executive Board. A commitment was given to further explore how the proposal might be implemented ahead of the next congress in two years time.

Archery Ireland President delivered a presentation on the World Field Championships 2016 which will take place in Bray, this presentation was well received and led to a lot of enquiries from other countries wishing to attend next years event.

Archery Ireland used the opportunity to network with other archery federations and the World Archery members to explore ways to support the development of the sport in Ireland. A number of new proposals will be examined by AI executive in the coming weeks to progress and improve development and support archery in Ireland.