2013 Results


Irish Indoor Open 2013 

Results:  Click here


27th Greenhill’s 31st Anniversary shoot 2013

Results:  Anniversary Shoot 13 Results


14th Irish Series Finals

Results:  Sports HQ finals results

Further information, including qualifying results and the actual rules etc can be seen below:

Series details/rules

Series compound qualifying results

Series Recurve qualifying results

Finals schedule

Archery Festival 2013 Details 


24th/26th Irish Series Round 6 – Belfast

Results: Day 1 FITA

Results: Day 2 720 + H2H

17th/18th National Target Championships 2013 – Athboy

Results: Click here

3rd/4th Dublin Archers Double FITA

Results: Click here


27th & 28th National Series – Munster (UL Archery CLub)

Results Day 1: Click here

Results Day 2: Click here

13th & 14th Summerhill Archery Double FITA

Results – Summerhill Archery July 2013 Double FITA Official Results


29th & 30th National Series – Ulster (City of Belfast Archers)

Results Day 1: click here

Results Day 2: click here

1st &2nd Summerhill Archery 2013 Cystic Fibrosis Shoot

Results: click here


25th &26th National Series – Leinster

Results: click here

12th &13th Athboy open

Results for the 12th: click here

Results for the 13th: click here

4th &5th Irish Open Field Championships – Wicklow Archers

Results: click here



30th &31st National Series – Leinster

30th Results: click here

31st Results: click here

16th & 17th All Ireland Field Archery Championships? 2013 – Ballyvally Archers

Results: click here

10th Wicklow archers Field League 1

Results: click here



9th Dublin Archers

Results: click here

10th Blackheath Valentines Shoot

Results: click here

24th Greenhills Leinster Indoor Open

Results: click here



13th NUIG,St James burns unit Charity shoot

Results: click here

27th Wicklow Archers Indoor

Results: click here