All Ireland Archery Series 2013

Series Standings Recurve

Series Standings Compound

Series Final Timetable


Update: Prizes

Prize Money for the All Ireland Archery Series 2013

Senior Divisions

Open recurve – 1st -€200, 2nd – €100
Open Compound – 1st – €200, 2nd – €100
Ladies recurve – 1st – €100, 2nd – €50
Ladies Compound – 1st – €100, 2nd – €50


Open recurve – 1st – €75, 2nd – €30 vouchers
Open compound – 1st – €75, 2nd – €30 vouchers


Open recurve – 1st – €75, 2nd – €30 vouchers
Open compound – 1st – €75, 2nd – €30 vouchers
Ladies recurve – 1st – €75, 2nd – €30 vouchers
Ladies compound – 1st – €75, 2nd – €30 vouchers



The All Ireland archery series will consist of 6 by 2 day tournaments run all over the country and would finish in a 1 day knockout only event to decide on the overall winner.

Each competition will take place on the 4th week of each month running through March to August with the final taking place on the 14th of September.

Each competition is assigned to a province.

Dates for Irish Series 2013

  • 30th, 31st March 2013- Leinster – Athboy Archers, Athboy Co. Meath
  • 25th, 26th May 2013- Munster – Leinster – Cuchulainn Archers 
  • 29th, 30th June- Ulster – City of Belfast Archers
  • 27th 28th July 2013- Munster – University of Limerick – The UL Bowl
  • 24th, 25th August 2013– Ulster – City of Belfast Archers
  • 31st, 1st August/September – Connaught – Galway Archers
  • 15th September – Finals invitational September- run by Archery Ireland

Each competition will consist of a full FITA competition on Saturday with an Olympic/knockout round on Sunday.

Archers will be awarded points on each day for the position they finish in.  Each day first place will gain 20 points, second place 18 points, third place 16 points, fourth place 14 points and 5th to 16th 12-1 points.  There will be a possible maximum of 40 points obtainable over a weekend.

Archers best 3 weekends will go towards their total points for the series.  (There is a possibility that archers who have shot less than 3 events to rank high enough to go through to the final, we will not know if this is the case until the last event has been shot)

In the case where there is a draw on points in the series league table. The higher rank will be decided by the next best series score.  So a 4th series score will then come in to play.

In a case where this still results in a draw, the archer with the highest Full FITA score shot on the Saturday of a series shoot will be ranked higher. In a case where this is still a draw it will move on to the highest 720 score

The All Ireland Series Final cut

Current planned cuts based on participation so far

·         Senior Open Recurve – Top 16 places
·         Senior Ladies Recurve – Top 8 places
·         Senior Open Compound – Top 16 places
·         Senior Ladies Compound – Top 4 places

·         Junior  Open Recurve – Top 2 places
·         Junior Ladies Recurve – none
·         Junior Open Compound – Top 2 places
·         Junior  Ladies Compound – none

·         Cadet  Open Recurve – Top 4 Places
·         Cadet Ladies Recurve – Top 2 places
·         Cadet Open Compound – Top 4 places
·         Cadet  Ladies Compound – Top 4 places

·         Open Recurve team – Top 2 places
·         Open Compound Team – Top 2 places

There will be 52 matches on the day

There is an open division instead of a gents division; this will allow the top level lady archers more competition if they wish. There would still be a ladies division. Ladies would however have to shoot the full gents distances in the open category. They will not be able to chop and change from one day to the next.

Ladies may shoot 3 open and 3 ladies events to attempt to qualify in both, however they will only be able to shoot in one division in the final.  If the archer does not let the organiser know which division they wish to shoot in, they will be put in the division they shot in most recently.

There may be limited spaces open for wildcard archers from abroad to compete in the final.  These archers will need to apply with a C.V. to the Archery Ireland Executive to be considered for a wildcard place.  Wildcards will not be open to archers based in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

The final will be a knockout only session and the matches will be decided on the standing in the series.  The final will be run where there is viewing and seating for spectators and a commentator and big screen put in place to add to the event.

The prizes for the senior divisions will be cash while the junior and cadet division’s prizes will be gift vouchers for archery stores. The amounts will be announced as sponsors are confirmed.

This event would be ideally run as a sponsored series, with the sponsors putting up the prize money for the winners.  The series could then be named after them. Eg “The Acme All Irish Archery Series”

It would be intended that interviews and reports taken on video at each event and put into a 5 minute youtube video which could be published on our youtube channel.  All the finals matches could also be compiled into a video and published in the same style as the world archery videos on youtube.

There will also be some team matches in the finals only.  The divisions for the team finals will be decided on by the amount of teams in the division.  The teams will be made up of archers registered in the same club.

Advantages-  the advantages of running the series are

  • The series will guarantee high quality events throughout the outdoor season.
  • The series will make the running of shoots more standardised and more professional
  • The Series will encourage participation and push the top archers to compete more seriously at home.
  • The series will create a visual spectacle that could be used for advertising and showcasing the sport in the country.


  • Senior Open Recurve
  • Senior Ladies Recurve
  • Senior Open Compound
  • Senior Ladies Compound


  • Junior  Open Recurve
  • Junior Ladies Recurve
  • Junior Open Compound
  • Junior  Ladies Compound


  • Cadet  Open Recurve
  • Cadet Ladies Recurve
  • Cadet Open Compound
  • Cadet  Ladies Compound



Clubs will be able to cater for other divisions in their shoots and they can be awarded a club medal, but only the divisions above shot at the full FITA distances will be recognised as part of the series. We have not included the master or youth categories in the series.  Masters and youths may shoot of course but will need to compete in the Senior or cadet divisions respectively and shoot the full distances in those categories.  As each of the matches will be shot individually in the final we have had to be limited to the major divisions.


Please note:  This is the first year the series has been run and some changes may have to be made to rules during the series.  Any changes will be made public on the website as soon as possible.